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The ENT-Clinic managed by Prof. Thomas Linder is part of the Kantonsspital Lucerne

The ENT-Clinic at the Kantonsspital Luzern has been completely renovated in the past couple of years and been updated to the latest technical standards.

The clinic is regularly frequented by visiting doctors from Switzerland and from abroad and expert knowledge and know-how are shared in courses and at congresses.

The ENT-Clinic is managed by  Prof. Dr. Thomas Linder.  



Leading the way:

As a central clinic we are the ones to the lead the way in the application of micro-surgical and minimally invasive techniques (e.g. Sialendoscopy), the testing of new methods (e.g. laser, navigation systems) and technologies (e.g. implantable hearing aids). However, we also feel obliged to use cost-effective procedures to assist with containing costs.