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Preconditions/course of treatment

Preconditions for the treatment at the ENT-Clinic Lucerne and course of treatment

Pre-conditions for a treatment

The pre-condition for a treatment at the Kantonsspital Luzern is an extensive pre-examination and the detailed discussion and determination of desired treatment results. For these preliminary clarifications we take our time and discuss with you all treatment options.

Pre-examinations and results

Should you decide in favour of a treatment at the ENT-Clinic Lucerne, we would like to ask you, to make available all existing graphical materials, the medical findings and results from already performed special examinations, to Prof. Linder and his team, before your arrival. This is the only means to ensure that the Team can be optimally prepared for your first call at the clinic and that no examinations have to be done twice.

As disease and treatment patterns can be very diverse, we reserve the right to charge a customary fee already for first expert opinions or necessary pre-examinations.


Prof. Linder with a little patient