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Accommodation for relatives

Possible accommodation for patients being treated at the ENT-Clinic Lucerne

Relatives accompanying patients there have the following possibilities of accommodation:

  • Accommodation in one of the numerous local hotels. In some hotels in Lucerne the ENT-Clinic has negotiated special conditions for their patients. The ENT Secretariat will gladly provide you with further information.
  • Accommodation in one of the houses for personnel on the hospital premises: if you would like to reserve an inexpensive and modest room (possibly with shower outside the room), you can place your reservation with the secretariat of Prof. Linder.
  • Accommodation in the patient room for direct relatives: If the patient stays in a single room, a second bed for the accompanying person (mother, father or spouse) can be put in the room upon special request and reservation. This reservation also includes meals. A special fee is charged for this service
  • Children are hospitalised in the paediatric department of the hospital (on the hospital premises). The same possibilities for accommodation apply as described above.

After their stay in hospital most patients need to come back to the clinic for an ambulant final check by the surgeon about 1 week later (possibly later). Depending on the surgical procedure, it is recommended to stay close to the clinic (in Lucerne) during this time. Possibilities for accommodation are mentioned above.  

Inquiries can be addressed to the secretariat of Prof. Linder. Email:  hno@ksl.ch



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