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Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery

Facial paralysis /facial palsy

Acute or slowly developing paralysis of one side of the face can be of various origins. At first in needs to be assessed if the paralysis was caused in the brain (so-called cerebral paralysis) or if it has its cause in the course of the facial nerve (so-called peripheral paralysis).

As ENT-clinic we diagnose and treat all cases of peripheral paralysis which result from inflammations, injuries or tumours. Apart from medical aspects also psychological effects of a paralysis need to be taken care of. There are also various alternatives of therapies for long-lasting paralyses, either by surgical improvements or by targeted logopaedic therapy. The “Facial Paralysis Team” of the EN-Clinic under the direction of Prof. Linder is happy to counsel you. Regarding acute paralysis we would like to refer you to the following article:

"If your facial expression stops working"      

Prof. Dr. T. Linder