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Nose and nasal cavities

Nose and nasal cavities

Nose and paranasal sinuses

Nose and paranasal sinuses form the foremost section of our breathing organs and stand in intensive exchange with the world around us. Therefore many infections, inflammations, allergies and tumour illnesses originate in them. At the ENT-Clinic Lucerne all these illnesses can be either treated medicamentously or if necessary by means of the latest technical methods. Special endoscopes and navigation systems make it possible to reach all paranasal cavities and the foremost skull base with minimally invasive surgical techniques



 We attach big importance to reaching an ideal combination of perfect inner functionality and impeccable external corporal proportions. Our core competence lies in the construction of an impeccable functionality of nasal breathing and sense of smell as well as in the reconstruction of an optimal aesthetic shape of the nose.  see also Plastic Surgery