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Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery

Ear malformations

Auricular atresia, pinna corrections, protruding ears 

Further core areas in plastic facial surgery lie in the surgical treatment of protruding ears and pinna malformations. In collaboration with Prof. Dr. Simmen patients with ear malformations (Atresia, Microtia) are diagnosed in special consultations and a concept of treatment regarding form (aesthetics) and function (hearing) is developed. The surgical correction of malformations is among the core competences of the ENT-Clinic. 

Protruding ears are a cosmetic problem found very often in children and easily resolvable by surgical intervention, which – if not treated appropriately – can be a heavy psychical burden on the mostly young patients. The surgery (ambulant and mostly under anesthesia) is ideally planned between the age of 5 and 7 years of age before school enrolment, as the pinna is almost full-grown at that age and children can be spared being teased. But this procedure can also be performed ambulantly later at the age of a teenager or adult. 

TV-report with Dr. Gunter Pabst on the topic „protruding ears“ in the broadcast “Puls” of Swiss Television on 13 February 2006. 

Article „protruding ears: diagnosis, technique and possible complications of otoplasty“ 

Article"Artresia auris congenita - how to counsel, when to treat?"


Facial surgery

Rhinoplasty/ plastic facial surgery  


Our goal is to reach an optimal combination of best nasal breathing, improved sense of smell and ideal cosmetic proportions. Functional or purely cosmetic rhinoplasties belong the the surgical skills of our Rhinology Team. We also offer a fair price and discuss medical and financial issues with our patients.




Skin Tumours

The surgical treatment of benign and malignant skin tumours in the area of the face and neck is carried out in collaboration with dermatologists, oncologists and radio therapists under the supervision of Dr. G. Pabst.