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Skull base surgery

Skull base surgery

Tumours within the temporal bone or along the skull base require a thorough otologic and neuroradiologic workup. . The different methods of treatment (embolisation, stereotactic radiation therapy, surgery) are discussed in detail with the patients and his family and the concept of treatment is presented. The clinic is specialised for the surgical treatment of e.g.

  • glomus tumours (paragangliomas)
  • neurinomas
  • facial neurinomas
  • acoustic neurinomas
  • parotid tumours
  • angiofibromas
  • nasopharyngeal carcinomas
  • epypharyngeal carcinomas
  • recurrences

Also inflammatroy dieseases (e.g. Bell’s facial palsy) temporal bone fractures and other diesease entities of the inner ear (e.g. Menière’s disease) may be treated by surgical interventions once medical therapy has failed.


Prof. Dr. Thomas Linder